Wednesday, October 9, 2019

DerryGoRound Spotify Playlist

It can get pretty boring on long road trips. To pass the time we have been listening to podcasts (our favourite is Wow in the World) and audiobooks from Borrowbox (Borrowbox allows you to digitally borrow books from your local library, both audio and text. It's free and easy), and of course, listening to music.

As we get more remote we get less phone coverage, to counteract this we created our own Spotify playlist DerryGoRound and downloaded the songs, that way we will always have access to our music. We all have added songs to the playlist so it is pretty varied and eclectic including lots of old school. Including Ed Sheeran, The Eagles, Aladdin, Gloria Gainer, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, plus heaps more.

To this monstrosity (don't worry it is getting removed from the list once Dad gets his phone back).

If you want to listen along with us as we travel Australia you can check out the playlist here. (click on the image to open in Spotify).

We will be adding songs as we go so the list we keep on growing with our trip.


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