Friday, October 25, 2019

DerryGoRound by the numbers September

Here are our Monthly stats for September.

We stayed a lot with family and friends.
We easily blew our monthly budget.
We started adding swims to our count.

States:  Queensland

Distance travelled: 3004km

Playgrounds visited: 18

Fires: 4

Swims: 25

Beaches: 11

Markets: 3

Games of golf: 1

Tractor Pulls: 1

Purchased Lunches: too many (we were in Townsville).
(fish and chips, pies, chip sandwiches, Mexican, sushi)

Restaurant Meals: too many (we were in Townsville).
(pub lunches, curries from Maggie Island market)


We used four different types of accomodation

  • Staying with friends/family
  • Caravan parks
  • Free camps
  • Other (Paronella Park)
We also did two days of camping (without the van, Mission Beach and Paronella Park).

Again, most of our time was spent with family and friends, we stayed in Townsville a few extra days to get some work done to the car.

For comparison, here are our year-to-date stats:


Total spent $8232.47 (twice our budget)
$ per KM $2.74


  • This month was all about maintenance, got the van and car serviced, new timing belt and other stuff ($2K), we also bought some extra gear including a wind deflector (which should save us money in the long run).
  • Petrol was still a major expense, We pretty much used 98, we spent a lot of time not towing the van which reduced our costs..
  • Luxury spending was bigger than we wanted as we spent time and money with friends.
  • We started staying in some caravan parks as there are not many options for free camping on the coast.
  • We also purchased some extra clothes and maintenance items. 
  • We stocked up on food

For comparison, here are our year-to-date stats:

Now that we are back on the road, our petrol and accomodation will increase and hopefully our maintenance will decrease.

Yep September was a blow out, but it can be explained by $4000 worth of maintenance and gear.

if you want to see how we spent all this money here is our Google MyMaps version.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

1 Second Every Day June - August

I love the App 1 Second every day, It allows you to easily make short videos comprised of  one second clips mashed together to give you a snapshot of any period of time. The basic version of the app is free, easy to use and is fun. It's a pretty cool way to show what you have been up to quickly and easily. I have also used it to create videos for the kids birthdays using videos from every month they have been alive.

I was going to wait till the end of DerryGoRound and create a year highlights video of one second clips, but I have now started creating videos of each month.

Here is our June-July 1 Second video

This highlights the month before we started our lap and contains a few photos as there were many days where I didn't record any video.

We started our big lap in August. Here is the 1 second video of our first month on the road. For more detail of what we actually did check out the Google MyMaps version of our trip.

Enjoy the rush and why not create your own 1 second every day snapshot.

Friday, October 11, 2019

DerryGoRound month 2 (September) Google MyMaps version

This Month was all about Queensland, with an extended stay in Townsville, catching up with friends, getting cars and vans serviced, organising storage, adding extra stuff (wind deflector, fans and general crap), shopping, family and friends, a Pineapple festival, lots of playgrounds, ice creams and a couple of trips north and east.

You can check out the updated Google My Maps version here and below, including all the extra stuff we did on the way to Townsville.

We covered 3004 km in September.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

DerryGoRound Spotify Playlist

It can get pretty boring on long road trips. To pass the time we have been listening to podcasts (our favourite is Wow in the World) and audiobooks from Borrowbox (Borrowbox allows you to digitally borrow books from your local library, both audio and text. It's free and easy), and of course, listening to music.

As we get more remote we get less phone coverage, to counteract this we created our own Spotify playlist DerryGoRound and downloaded the songs, that way we will always have access to our music. We all have added songs to the playlist so it is pretty varied and eclectic including lots of old school. Including Ed Sheeran, The Eagles, Aladdin, Gloria Gainer, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, plus heaps more.

To this monstrosity (don't worry it is getting removed from the list once Dad gets his phone back).

If you want to listen along with us as we travel Australia you can check out the playlist here. (click on the image to open in Spotify).

We will be adding songs as we go so the list we keep on growing with our trip.