Monday, September 30, 2019

August / September Drone shots

For DerryGoRound I splurged and brought myself a Mavic Air Drone, I had seen a heap of photos from other big lappers, as Tanya is the expert photographer I though I could find my DerryGoRound Niche taking Drone Photos.

It has been lots of fun, although it has been tough finding places where we are allowed to use the Drone, I have been using the Open Sky app to make sure I don't break any laws (or cause any accidents).

I haven't crashed it yet, unlike our towing course instructor who was taking some drone footage of us reversing the caravan and crashed his drone into a light pole, maybe he was distracted from our dodgy reversing technique.

Here is a collection of some of my drone images, still early days but some nice results and a cool way to document our adventure.

Here we have Fraser Island, various shots of the van, NSW/QLD border at Jennings and some family residents.
(click on the image to see the album)

I still have so much to learn, including how to take 360 photos and a heap of other features. Once we get West there should be a heap of other opportunities to explore and play.

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