Wednesday, December 11, 2019

1 second everyday videos September, October

If you want a real quick snapshot of what we have been doing in September and October, check out our one second everyday videos below.


One second everyday is a great app that mashes together 1 second videos too give you a cool videolog.

Check out our July and August videos here

Saturday, December 7, 2019

DerryGoRound by the numbers October

Here are our Monthly stats for October.

Our first month just on our own
We covered lots of new territory
It was expensive

States -  Queensland, Northern Territory

Distance travelled 6506km

Playgrounds visited 14

Fires 9

Swims 24

Beaches 2

Markets 2

Visits to the hospital 1

Crocs seen 100+

Fancy Baths 1

Purchased Lunches - 4
(pub lunch, burgers, subway)

Restaurant Meals - 2
although we did eat at the markets


We used four different types of accomodation

  • Staying with friends / Family
  • Caravan parks
  • Free camps
  • Other (Gemtree Station)
We free camped while travelling and seemed to use caravan parks when in the big towns, this also allowed us to use our air conditioner, do some washing and charge our devices

for comparison here are our year to date stats


Total spent $6,888.77 (over our budget)
$ per KM $1.06 (pretty much smack on budget)


  • This month was all about kilometres, we covered some serious distance and the stats show this.
  • Petrol was our major expense, We used a lot of 95 (lots of places didn't have 98), and this was still expensive.
  • Many of our other expenses dropped which was to be expected
  • We stayed in caravan parks as we wanted / needed the power (and swimming pools), many of them were reasonably priced.
  • Trips and events were also a bit larger than expected but we did splurge out on some trips (Yellow river cruise, jumping crocs, flying doctor museum etc)
for comparison here are our year to date stats

Another blow out, but we did lots of k's, and $2500 on petrol doesn't help.

if you want to see how we spent all this money here is our Google MyMaps version

We have also covered a heap of distance in November and splurged out on some luxuries (wine, dining etc) so I expect another blow out.