Sunday, October 20, 2019

1 Second Every Day June - August

I love the App 1 Second every day, It allows you to easily make short videos comprised of  one second clips mashed together to give you a snapshot of any period of time. The basic version of the app is free, easy to use and is fun. It's a pretty cool way to show what you have been up to quickly and easily. I have also used it to create videos for the kids birthdays using videos from every month they have been alive.

I was going to wait till the end of DerryGoRound and create a year highlights video of one second clips, but I have now started creating videos of each month.

Here is our June-July 1 Second video

This highlights the month before we started our lap and contains a few photos as there were many days where I didn't record any video.

We started our big lap in August. Here is the 1 second video of our first month on the road. For more detail of what we actually did check out the Google MyMaps version of our trip.

Enjoy the rush and why not create your own 1 second every day snapshot.

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