Sunday, April 26, 2020

DerryGoRound by the numbers February

Here are our monthly stats for February

One state 

We explored much of what the south west of Western Australia has to offer
We slowed down and didn't travel as much
We visited a lot of beaches

States: Western Australia

Distance travelled: 3673km 

Playgrounds Visited 15
(these were some of the best playgrounds we have seen all trip)

Fires 0 (still not allowed, although at times it was cold enough for one)

Swims 19

Beaches 31 (This was the month of beaches)

Wineries visited 8 Breweries 4

Visitors to our campsite (lots)

Replica water speed record boats 1

55m trees that you can only climb by using a series of spikes driven into the trunk 1

Intersections of two oceans 1

Purchased lunches 7
(Pies, fish and chips, wineries and pub lunches)


Average cost of Accomodation per day $22.58 (Lots of National Parks)

We used 4 different types of accomodation

  • Other (cheap camps on private property)
  • Free camps
  • Caravan Parks
  • National Parks

For comparison, here are our year-to-date stats:


We spent 5418.92 (Less km kept the expenses down)
$ per km $1.48

  • lots of free camping and National parks (which wasn't cheap but worth it)
  • petrol = largest expense (still)
  • Maintenance again (we had to get the rear door handle of the car fixed $500)
  • trips and events was down as we spent lots of time doing free activties
  • We spent money on lunches and wines more than expected
  • our $ per km didn't really drop, probably because we didn't do as many km 

For comparison, here are our year to date stats

Hopefully maintenance will decrease (although we need to get the car and van serviced)

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