Sunday, January 19, 2020

Derry Go Round by the Numbers November

Here are our monthly stats for November

Three states in one month
We splurged on food and meals
We got back to the coast
It was expensive

States: Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria

Distance travelled: 6060km (not quite as much as last month, but still a lot).

Playgrounds visited: 11

Fires: 1

Swims: 16

Beaches: 11

Salt Lakes: 4

Wineries visited: 9

Caves visited: 1

Christmas markets: 1

Giant Arkose rocks ridden around: 1

Purchased lunches: 4
Pub lunch, Subway, fish and chips, pies

Restaurant meals: 2
Expensive winery lunch and outback pub lunch


Average cost of Accomodation per day $28.62

We used three different types of accomodation

  • National parks
  • Caravan parks
  • Free camps
We free camped while travelling and used caravan parks more as we got to the coast. We also visited a few more national parks.

For comparison, here are our year-to-date stats:


Total spent $6,827.05 (over our budget).
$ per km $1.13 (little bit high, but we did splurge on food, wine and caravan parks).

  • Another big driving month and the petrol expense shows this (some petrol was also very expensive$2.24 /L)
  • Accomodation expenses increased (we stayed in more caravan parks and paid for national parks)
  • Luxury and alcohol increased (nice food and nice wine)
  • Food increased as we purchased more from markets and fancy food stores
  • Trips and events decreased as we did a lot more cheap attractions (walks, beaches, etc.)
For comparison, here are our year-to-date stats:

Another blow out, again lots of k's, and $2400 on petrol doesn't help.

if you want to see how we spent all this money here is our Google MyMaps version.

We are anticipating December being expensive as well (it is Christmas and we are still on the coast).

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