Thursday, November 14, 2019

DerryGoRound Month 3 October Google MyMaps version

October was all about doing it on our own, we didn't spend anytime with family or friends.

And driving,
Townsville to Kakadu and then Darwin, plus lots of stops in between.

We managed to cover 6506 km, which is more than the distance from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur,

all in one month towing a van, averaging 80km an hour. For the Americans this is the same as driving from LA to New York and then halfway back again.

The kids were great and we have worked out how to survive long days in the car.

We did heaps and explored the Northern Territory, a place none of us had ever been to before.

For all the juicy details, here is the Google MyMaps version

Full version

or embedded version

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