Thursday, September 5, 2019

DerryGoRound by the numbers August

The maths nerd in me put together a whole heap of stats and graphs for our first full (ish) month on the road. So here we have DerryGoRound by the numbers August.

States: Queensland and NSW

Distance travelled: 3354km
Playgrounds visited: 18

Fires: 9

Purchased lunches: 5
(pies, chip sandwiches, Hungry Jacks (to get a free zoo ticket), sushi)

Restaurant meals: 2 (dumplings at Red Earth Estate, Pub Lunch Special Armidale)


We used five different types of accomodation

  • Staying with friends/family
  • Caravan parks
  • Free camps
  • National parks
  • Other (cheap camps Bendemeer and Red Earth Estate winery)

Much of our time was spent with family and friends as this was the main reason we travelled south along the coast. Including more than a week staying with family in Toowoomba.


Total spent: $3780.01
$ per KM: $1.13

  • Petrol was our largest expense, which is to be expected. We pretty much used 98, as I have calculated it is more efficient than 91 and therefore hopefully cheaper in the long run, we are getting between 22 - 25 L per 100km on 98 as opposed to 26-27 on 91.
  • Luxury includes any meals out or lunches purchased on the road, birthday presents and anythings else that isn't really a necessity.
  • Alcohol included some expensive bottles of wine purchased at vineyards we visited.
  • Education included some online subscription that are one off expenses.
  • Miscellaneous included firewood and National Parks passes (NSW).
  • We also purchased some extra clothes and maintenance items (new tow ball) during the month, which shouldn't be a common occurrence.

I imagine our food and accomodation expenses will increase as we spend less time staying with family and friends, but hopefully we can spend more time in free camps.

Well that is about it for August. I am more than happy with our $ per km, let's just hope we can keep it up.

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