Sunday, June 16, 2019

Nine laps

We took a break from packing up the house to celebrate our big girl yesterday. She's now done the biggest lap nine times. Congratuations on nine laps around the sun, sweet Arlo.
I was up so late making the big birthday cake, I completely forgot our traditional breakfast-in-bed cupcakes. So quick microwave cakes in cups (sprinkled with edible silver glitter) had to suffice. I hope this isn't our go-to in the van, because they weren't so nice. Kids liked them though.
We're downsizing, which means SMALL presents!!
My design brief (too much Masterchef!) for the cake was forest floor. And it had to be green. She was happy...
Celebrating nine at our happy place, Sunway Lagoon, with good friends. We will miss this place, and these people, but love the memories we continue to make with them.

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